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Initial Training Needs Analysis

We can conduct an Initial Training Needs Analysis to help guide the development of the training products your company is considering developing. It is the most crucial part of the ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate) process.

Phase 1: Planning Phase

Include Post Award Conference, Integrated Master Schedules, User Council Meetings, Program Review Meetings, and IPT Meetings.

Phase 2: Establish a User Council

Council is made up of site visits’ Points of Contact (POCs), Government Agencies, Clients, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Phase 3: Create Data Collection Model

Modify our method to perform data collection with customized Material and Matrices.

Phase 4: Create Data Collection Material

Modify survey, questionnaires, and demographic information forms.

Phase 5: Develop Matrix

Include the construction of the Matrix to collect data from SMEs.

Phase 6: Develop Site Visit Plan

Plan all data collection locations and length of visit.

Phase 7: Conduct Data Collection

Visit sites and collect data.

Phase 8: Analyze Data Information

Analyze data from all data collection visits.

Analysis Methodology