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Interactive Multimedia Instruction

It’s not just an IMI, it’s an experience!

We can develop Interactive Multimedia Instruction for your company that is customizable, learner-centric, linear, or game based. Our IMI development includes a reporting mechanism that will track the student’s performance so that the training product’s effectiveness can be determined. We can even host your training on our Learning Management System!

Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) Development Process

IMI Wireframe

We begin our IMI development with the client’s choice of the type of wireframe they would like. We have many innovative templates to select from or we can customize one for you.

Course Flow Diagram Development

Our clients receive our recommendations for the path their training audience will experience during their training. The clients are critical to this process as it will determine the delivery of the training material.

Data Collection Readiness Review

After writing the storyboard, clients will have an opportunity to review and make changes or additions to the content before the development of the IMI begins.

Course Flow Diagram Development

Our method of verifying all the necessary equipment, documents, and materials are available before the data collection is conducted.

Data Collection

CTT will travel wherever the client needs us to film their content. We film the step-by-step information in the storyboards and with the help of the Subject Matter Expert (SME) we ensure the content is being delivered accurately.

Post Video Shoot Production

The Post Production Process can take place on the client’s Learning Management System or our Learning Management System. In either location, the client will have the opportunity to review the functions of the wireframe and the content that will be used during the IMI course. The IMI will remain unpublished until a thorough review of the product has been conducted by the client. Once the vetting of the content by both the client and their SME, CTT will then activate the course live for the training audience to perform their training.