Instructional videos are a great way to distribute training content over the internet. The videos can be hosted and kept public or private. Below is the process we use to develop our instructional videos.

There are tens of thousands of videos uploaded to YouTube everyday for training. It is one of the most cost effective and most reused type of learning product in the training industry to date.


Using the Clients’ Operator or Maintainer Manuals, CTT will develop an outline of the Terminal Learning Objective (TLO) that will be used as part of the storyboard development and Table of Contents.
Reviews are consistently added throughout the development process. Video Flow Review allow the client to have the ability to input their direction into the process.
Using the video flow, CTT begins to put together the content under every Terminal Learning Objective (TLO) from the manuals. The secondary objective is considered the Enabling Learning Objective (ELO). Lastly, we include any learning activities that may be required in the process of performing the learning objective. Samples of each are listed below:
Terminal Learning Objective (TLO): Install, Power On, Align…
Enabling Learning Objective (ELO): Clean surface of the area before installing, Insert power cable into 110 power outlet…
Learning Activity: Wait up to 5 minutes to apply tape to the area sprayed with adhesive, Extend power cable and ensure there are no kinks when extending the cable…
This is the chance for the client to get a detailed view of the content that will be filmed during the Data Collection process. The document will contain a segment by segment description of the data collection process and it will have sketches or images for the reader to understand the material that will be filmed. The document will also contain Lighting, Camera Angle, Back Drops, and any other material that will be used for the shoot.
This process is conducted to ensure the material which will be filmed during the data collection will be available and onsite at the time the shoot will take place. The check list is also a method of tracking the material necessary to produce the video.
CTT can travel to your location to film and conduct other data collection events. Lights, Cameras, Action, no matter what it takes to get the job done we will have the equipment necessary to do the job of collecting data.
We provide the client with a unique proofing tool that will allow clients to make comments on the videos to guide our production staff to make the necessary changes. Clients receive e-mail notifications when a proof requires their attention and all videos are provided to the client online for multiple rounds of proofing.