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CTT Company Capabilities Brief 2023

Cyber Training Technologies (CTT) would like to welcome you to our capabilities brief. We hope you find the examples below of innovation being increasingly used by U. S Army PEO STRI as indicative of the type of innovation we can bring to your team. We believe that as a small business, non-traditional organization we can bring value to our prospective clients.

Cyber Training Technologies, LLC
Training For The Future
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CTT is located in Orlando, Florida, and is a Women-Owned Small Business. For the last ten years, we have worked closely with the U.S. Army, PEO STRI, TCM Live, Army University, and many other industry partners.

Proposition Statement:
CTT believes the future of training should include products that provide the following:
Training at Any Time!
Training from Anywhere!
Instruction at the Point of Need!
Utilization Reporting from Anywhere!

CTT’s product development begins by applying the principles of the ADDIE system. We Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate training products. More importantly, we innovate our products using technologies that make delivering the training content more “Student Centric”. CTT uses a proven Rapid Prototyping Methodology of existing wireframes and production pipelines to deploy training faster and more cost-effectively.

Today, “Millennial Trainees” entering the services or joining organizations are tied to their mobile devices.They are accustomed to viewing videos for entertainment and instruction. CTT has integrated both mediums to develop a comprehensive tool that assists trainers with training effectiveness. Additionally, these products are rapidly developed with a great Return on Investment (ROI) to your organization. Below are three Recall Mobile Applications that can be downloaded to your device. Additionally, as you read further, there are videos that help to explain other mobile app products. To download one of our products, view this page on your mobile device and select the mobile app product you would like to download from the list below.

CTT’s latest product line features the full training product with advanced features to support your organization. It is a training product made for mobile devices and distributed by Army University and TCM Mobile for Training at Any Time, from Anywhere, and at the Point of Need.

As a commercial product and proof of concept for the U. S. Army National Guard, CTT developed the Visual Aircraft Recognition (VACR) Mobile App. The VACR mobile app provides air defense operators with recognizable features of fixed wing and rotary aircraft used to identify targets. The app also includes game-based exercises and assessments with results to review the user’s accuracy. The promotional video below, displays the usability of our second product used for recall as a Job Performance Aid (JPA) video mobile application. These apps are also self-contained and require no internet connectivity. Even in the most remote of locations, the video and all the elements of the mobile app will function correctly.

Past Performance:
In the past nine years, CTT has designed, developed, directed, and produced over 65 instructional videos for training aid devices with over 300 segments of instruction for Operators and Maintainers. The video below is a collection that highlights some of these products. Currently, Army University is hosting and distributing world-wide 94 mobile application products. By June of 2021, CTT will have provided 104 total products that will include a desktop version of the apps for use with MACs and PCs (desktop/laptop).

The video below will demonstrate all of the current mobile app features. CTT can customize the app, if required. In addition to the mobile applications, CTT has developed utilization databases for all products and also a reporting mobile app. As a part of the work product, design documentation is also developed and delivered to the client.

The HOT-E APP allows trainers to perform Hands-On Evaluations onsite while the app reports results live to other apps around the world. The app has the capabilities to support multiple live events, from multiple locations, to support multiple trainers. This app can also monitor training events beyond the initial training event so that proponents can view activity and improve the existing training product.

Multi-User Function

Multi-Device Menu

Active GO-NO GO Digital Forms Device & Task Specific

Event Training Results

Instructor/Trainee Results

Website Utilization Reporting Capabilities


The LUMIN App allows Users to use their phone to view a product 3D model of their device while actively showing points of instruction. This unique app can help prepare users with a familiarization training tool prior to attending a training session. This app can be used by Maintainers as well as Operators of the equipment from Anywhere, at Any Time specially at the Point of Need.

Multi-Training Product Library

Multi-Reference Material Menu

4K Videos

3D Model of Equipment Placed Anywhere

The new Remote Trainer App allows Trainers the ability to create a training session and use the HOT-E App to use their instruction and evaluation of the trainee over the phone. Using the mobile app’s features and capabilities, it allows the trainer to communicate with the trainee, introduce reference material, and show them instructional videos to perform tasks. This unique app can help instructors provide a remote training session with their trainee from their phones in austere locations from around the world. No matter if you are preparing trainees with familiarization training with this app prior to attending a training session or conducting a live remote training session, the Remote Trainer App can provide the support needed. This app can be used by Maintainers as well as Operators of the equipment from Anywhere, at Any Time specially at the Point of Need.

Training Session Set Up


Trainers Validates Trainee Activity


Multi-Mission Capable


Trainee Receives Approval From Trainer


For more information on our company and what we do, please view our Capabilities Statement below or select a tab in the header bar. We thank you for the opportunity to provide this brief and look forward to discussing your training needs. Click on the image below to view an updated Capabilities sheet.